Our Winemaking Mission


Our guiding principal here at Terralsole is: Great wine is made in the vineyards, not the Cantina.  With this in mind, Sangiovese Grosso was planted in 1996 on specifically chosen clonal selections and rootstocks dedicated to the soil types and vigor levels of our different terroirs, their aspect, and average diurnal temperatures.

Terroir and Vineyard Management

Our Merlot IGT, was planted on the cooler, northern slope of the Pian Bossolino Property, the Cabernet Franc on the west, while Syrah was planted on the southwestern slope of the warmer, drier Fonte Lattaia property. Mario’s vineyard philosophy calls for high-density planting anywhere from 5000 to 7000 plants per hectare, (2.47 acres) rendering fewer, higher-quality grapes per vine. Removing leaves to accelerate ripening, or encouraging growth to shade from the warm Montalcino sun requires vigilant canopy management. Living soil preservation is also essential for us.  We adhere to EEC regulations regarding controlled substances and are in the process of applying for certification in Biological, organic vineyard practices which we currently use for our spraying regimen, cover crops and fertilizers, including fava beans, sheep dung and cow pies.

The Pian Bossolino vineyards surround the Spectacular Villa Terralsole and winery, sitting high on the southeastern slope of Montalcino, behind Biondi Santi. The soil consists of mixed marl, large limestone and metamorphic composites. Pian Bossolino has gentle, even slopes 1,200 feet above sea level and enjoys cooler weather and excellent ventilation. This situation allows Sangiovese Grosso to ripen evenly and slowly, providing expressive aromas and spice in the wine.

The vineyards of Fonte Lattaia, meaning “milk spring,” face southwest and sit lower in altitude at 750 feet on the southwestern slopes, bordering the road that links the Romanesque Abbey of Sant’Antimo, to the hamlet of Sant’Angelo in Colle. Its unique terroir of marine deposits and clay help vines maintain a balance amid the warmer, dry climate. Here, Sangiovese is rich, stately and strong; just like the inspiring 9th century abbey of Sant’Antimo located nearby. 


Harvest is 100% by hand, carried in small boxes to preserve the integrity of the skins.  All harvesting is done quickly and in the precise moment to achieve peak ripeness.  All selection is personally overseen by Mario and Athena. The grapes are gently de-stemmed and gravity fed into individually temperature-controlled tanks. All primary (alcoholic) and secondary (malolactic) fermentation is completed in stainless, finely temperature controlled steel tanks allowing the option of a cold maceration period for maximum extraction of bouquet, color and aromas. We are the only estate in Montalcino currently using 600 litre “Tonneaux” oak barrels exclusively from the Allier forest in France (tight grained/old oak trees by law) to age our Brunello.  We use a variety of sizes including barriques of this same French oak to age our 3 IGT Varietals and Rosso di Montalcino.

Winemaking Program

Our winemaking program is available to Terralsole members only and offers a hands-on opportunity to create your own wine here at Terralsole. Whether your dream is to manage a small plot of your own vines all the way through vinification for your own private label or if you’d simply prefer to blend your own in our cantina, we offer a winemaking program tailored just for you.